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Relationship Literacy Journal

Relationships are a lot like automobiles

What your life would be like if you took care of your relationships as well as you do your car?

 Think about it.

You need your car; it provides you with a sense of freedom and mobility. Your car is a valuable extension of yourself and your life. You routinely watch its speedometer, odometer, tire pressure gauges, oil level indicators and you look and listen for any and all warning signs. When your car breaks down you mobilize quickly to get it, and you, back on the road.

We need our relationships to work at least as much as we need our car. Or lives will not have much enjoyment nor worth for us without trouble-free, good-working quality relationships, love and intimacy.

We need to be at least as well informed and skilled at maintaining and keeping relationships running smoothly as we do our vehicles. It’s not hard to do if you know how.

Excerpted from Creating An Extraordinary Relationship

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